Thursday, May 7, 2009

My life in campus!


Sorry for not updating my blog. Taking Business Ethics during s.sem it's really burden me huh! Every week asgment asgment asgnment....but it's really fun learning with Bro. Suhaimi and fiqh with Ghapur Oziev is the best lecturer of fiqh 3 =). I can understand what he says. Hope my grade will be 'best!' too.

This short semester, i sit with hustler/deanlisters member of BACC (grouping with them, lunch with them, lepak2 kat surau with them) Just hoping i will be like them hehe...

Long time ago, i was thought to resign from MRC right!. Then suddenly, take the words back. (My brain said STOP, but my heart says NO). Which one i should follow. Now, i really felt me myself is one of the family member of Mahallah Aminah already after new president and principle take over. Although i always create a problem to them, they will help me until i done with the job. lagi-lagi, hal2 saman hehe.
Thank you guys..
Tapi tengoklah camne?????

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morry said...

haa bgs la ko update..busan da bile aku bukak jer msti 'yehhaa arini progrm last mrc' hehe..