Friday, May 29, 2009

Save GAZA!!

All Pics were taken during GAZA under attack. Many universities show their concern by doing the fund. IIUM Aqsa Society also put their effort to help GAZA by showing us the true pictures of war. They sell posters and many other goodies stated "Save GAZA on it".

From my observation, most of the palestanians who studying at UIAM "bukan calang-calang orang". They very smart, intelligence, giving boombastic ideas and etc. If i do not mistake, all of them are al-Bukhary Scholarship Holders. Futhermore, in class, the palestanians will be most outstanding students compare to others. Well Done! My du'a that they going home to their country to help palestanians and Please Allah, Give them strenght to do that. Amin~

Locatioan : Behind Masjid UIAM
(taken during on my way to mahallah)

(sorry for the late uploading the pics)

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WF:ciktim said...

igtkan ade prgram ni mase shotsem~
yg gambar replika org tu selalu je rasa nak lari bila balik kelas malam selasa~