Friday, January 15, 2010

Kuasa FB maka terjadinya BBQ batch 062xxxx (Sisters only)

Ghathering Batch 062xxxx (sisters only)
Venue: Female Sport Complex
Theme: supposed to be Black n Red (but there is some wore pink on that day including me, '!excusua! for that hehe')

Start with announcement attached by Nurainon a week before the event through advance media today, FaceBook. Actually the idea come spontaneously while she was wasting her precious time securing the FB. hehe. She took a pic n upload n tag all 062xxxx sisters but only can tag maximum 50 person. (Sorry for brothers 062, leceh nak kutip fees kat korg =)

Then, unexpectedly the idea give a positive respond by all.
Jom layan gambar. Zasss~

Semuanya bermula dari gambar di atas. (credit to ainon for making dis for us). Mulanya nak wat kat sungai, tapi di sebabkan beberapa perkara yang tak boleh di elakkan for instance transportation cost, we change the venue inside uia only. Then again all my frens agreed to the plan. By using FB, the news spread out faster than we thought. Everybody asking about the event when we were at kuliyyah.

So, without any delay, we meet with all 'org besar' (memang besar pun kih3) Tuesday nite at HS cafe to plan about the event. Who take in charge/responsible for the BBQ. All segregation of duties will be take charge in a team, begins with who gonna buy the things until cleaning process. What make it the BEST is that all are willingly to help. Luv u oLLs..(sedih lak time ni. iskh2..)

Banner sponsored by Cepah. Lukisan n tulisan comey ni done by Daya,Aniz n Cepah.

Ni muka aku n cepah. Garangnya!!hehe
Game ni di ilhamkan oleh Nadia Raes. Semua kena cabut satu nama, then wat pandangan anda tentang org tu.

Aku still x dapat agak siapa yang tulis komen ni (geram...hush!). Tapi yang pasti dia budak mahallah aminah tp bukan kos akaun. Komennya berbunyi:
  • seorang yang peramah
  • suka senyum
  • Nampak macam rajin
  • Selalu jumpa kat cafe (mesti suka makan hihi...)
I smile again n again after read dis comment. I know she was not an accounting student when she said "nampak macam rajin". Obviously she never mix up with me personally hehe. About the term 'suka makan', it's 100% correct. =)

Sorang kena bayar RM 10. So, we decided to buy a cake. Sodap!!

I know this gathering only consist 3 over 4 sisters for 062xxxx batch. InsyaAllah, we plan for another event for all of us can attend.


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