Sunday, June 28, 2009

Waiting for Gamelan 2...

Ok..I already start to miss Gamelan class. Maybe i'm quite boring as you not involve with other people, but it was fun. Playing with my Saron Pekin (one of the 7 instruments in Gamelan).
The sound are sooo good..can release my tension (eventhough smtimes add up my stress level hehe)...Trust me, it was really fun playing with the tools..
These pictures were taken during my gamelan class last 2 semesters..

And now I'm waiting to enter Gamelan 2. (but a bit scared cause the teacher 'Garang' hehe)

Azmi eager to play Saron Baron

Fateha playing Saron Baron (bigger than Saron Pekin)

Fahimah playing Gong

Me and my Saron Pekin

So, anyone get opportunity to play Gamelan or Chaklempong or malay/javanese music, play with it. The traditional music is the Best! compare to today music which really2 burden by head.

last word from me:
"Music is one way to release your stress".
Especially for those who always stuck in traffic. hehe..

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hasni said...

wuit jay
pandai ko men alat ni ek
ajar aku seket

H E L A N G said...

bole mek...
cuma cari dia py tools ja hehe..