Thursday, June 25, 2009

Syabas Air Asia..Now everyone can fly

Before this, i really support MAS for being a good company handling aircraft services in Malaysia.

However, today, i've changed my mind. AirAsia is more better than MAS. I heard numerous rumours from unsatisfied customers about MAS. At first, I did'nt take it seriously. Then, it happens to me where the stewardess showed very impolite reactions towards me. She never smile. Not asking politely. Not even looking at my face when i asked questions. Haloooo, i'm still here daaa..

Then, i start to believe the news one by one. It also happens to my dearest friends who very angry with stewardess inside the cabin..

In my heart " What Happen to MAS??". I know they have been through bancruptcy for years. But still hangging on with the bailout from the government. Today the financial crisis already getting better and better, so what's wrong of giving the good performance in term of services!!

From now on, i really2 support AirAsia. The way they managed their concept for giving the lowest rate for everyone can fly, really makes me solute them. Forget about the stewardess dressing which is abnormal to human eyes especially for man. Their service are getting better day by day. Their service IMPROVED!. and now they are promoting NO ADMIN FEES, which i considered good because the ticket price will a little bit cheaper. I Hope!.

In terms of food, i very satisfied due to delicious of the food. For some people, they might think it is very expensive to buy food in the plane. But it's ok. you're not compulsory to buy it anyway. Compare to MAS, the price of the food cheaper and have many choices to eat. For those, who love to eat like me. I tell you that some of the food are really good. Nasi Ayam good. Nasi Lemak Rendang Ayam OK la. 1901 New York good but a bit smaller than usual. But the most delicious food i ever eat is Spagetthi Meat Ball. The food not like in the menu, the spagetthi i expected it is just a normal ball with a little bit sauce. HOWEVER, the combination of the sauce mix with the juice from the ball which makes the spagetthi waaalaaaah..."sehingga menjilat sudu".hehe. Actually this is a new menu.

So, after this do not hesitate to eat in the plane. Changed your will create a new you.

Dear AirAsia, i'm waiting for the ticket price to Sabah same as ticket bus to Perlis. Can U makes the different?

p/s: i only write what's on my mind. Sorry for any grammathical error.
i'm trying to upload some pictures of the food. But i can't find one. Search for yourself k.

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