Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I want ONE!!!

While my sister and i 'jalan2' on the street of Jln TAR, we saw a lof of people carried Secret Recipe's cakes (I mean their box).
Nor Jihan : "dik, apesal ramai org beli kek secret recipe ni? Dua kotak lagi tu"
Najihah : "nda tau la kan, cuba dulu kita tgk di Sogo"
After we reached in front of Sogo..

I want to buy one and get free one. But there is nobody left, only me and my sister at UIA. Sooooo, 'telan air liur je la' hehe..

If you want to buy this cake, you have to line up until the next building (this is true okey). What can i summarized from here is that 35% of the customers is wearing SOGO t-shirt =)

1.32 am


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datin ainon said...

best giler...tp nye kalo dah smpi 2 kotak,sekampong pon xabes makan huhu...kan best klo aku ade..kompem2 aku bli hehe...mmm dapnye...i want it!!!so craving bout it haha