Saturday, December 8, 2012

Stop when you're done!

Happy sunday u'olls :)

2 days i'm surfing search for motivation quotes just to heal my motivation to work as now i'm struggling to understand the year end closing works. Sometimes i do felt tiredness facing the 'numbers' & 'accounts'. Felt down with my working environment. The push from internal and external parties makes my brain want to explode. But i always keep this in mind "Allah tidak akan membebani seseorang itu di luar kemampuannya".

Now, i realize one of the hikmat 5 daily prayers a day. When i felt stress while doing your work, felt want to get mad somebody, at noon i'll went to zhur prayer. The solah calm my heart back. Alhamdulillah..

My fav quotes from my searching.. Lets struggling until we done! but one said "if you think about work, work never done weh". haha  ^_^


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