Thursday, July 16, 2009

Economics Fiesta (E-Fest)

I will not updating my blog for a few weeks due to this event. Sorry for that..

Economics Fiesta 2009 or E-fest will be organized by Economics and Management Science Society which is under Kuliyyah of Economics and Management Sciences, IIUM.

Venue: Cultural Activities Center(CAC)
Date: 19th -25th July 2009

There are 9 sub-programme under E-Fest:
  1. I-Tech Fair
  2. Book Fair
  3. Business Exhibition
  4. Business Seminar
  5. MUslim Bazaar
  6. Forum Bicara Ad-din (collaboration with IKIM)
  7. Econs Sprint
  8. Going Green
  9. Health Care Theraphy Campaign

If you want to see Helang, insyaAllah I will be here..

Hope to see you..

For further information, please log on to:


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