Sunday, January 13, 2013


Tangkuban Parahu. #Bandung - Jakarta Trip
ambassador from Malaysia. I Wish
Wedding of my friend, Nadya. She's Indonesian.
My classmates & unimates from UIA # Jakarta

Singapore Trip
Mata tutup #sigh!
Last year I have to sacrifice my so called 'travelling time' as i'm just start working. Therefore, i'm targeting a few places to visit. But the trip must be in my budget la. tak nak menyusahkan mak ayah dah =.=".  
Sarawak ja lg x penah pegi. I wish to go there someday.
I plan it in my head already. Ya Allah, perkenankan lah keinginan hamba Mu ini. Amin~

Ada lagi nak cerita, this week i left out all my office works. It really stressful as the submission date for year end closing account for subsidiaries on 28.02.2012. Ops! 2013 already haha. This week I really enjoy my time with my family. I even wash my car weh haha..It awesome to me la as I jarang2 basuh kereta. My dad always did that for me hehe. Terima kasih ayah sebab selalu basuh si hitam manis. ^_^

Before I end my post today, just want to share this

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